Lily Allen- Hard Out Here!!

So true!!! My new song of the century!!




There’s this poor boy at my school who constantly gets picked on for no reason and I’m being serious everyone just thinks that he is an easy target so abuses him. I sit next to him in maths and because of this constant abuse he gets he is a little socially awkward but if you get to know him he is actually lovely! But that is what these idiots have reduced him too someone who is too scared to even talk too there partners in class!! It’s ridiculous!!

There’s another boy who has been beating a kid up because he is dyslexic and i don’t agree but now a load of people are going to beat up this first kid for beating someone up? I know doesn’t make sense!!

I can’t emphasis my point enough that bullying is pathetic!! Absolutely and entirely!! What is the point! I know it’s never going to stop but why??? I think bullies should have a good look at themselves and think what the hell they’re doing!!!


I know I haven’t posted in ages once again!!! But another update went out with the Russian i met (read update with a Russian) but he didn’t even talk that much which was depressing. But my boyfriend brought me some lovely jewelry back from Spain which was adorable! I think i really love him!! He’s amazing!!

Treat people as you wish to be treated. Karma’s only a bitch if you are! 

What does the fox say?

Good god amazing video


Update wiv the Russian

Hi right I know I haven’t blogged in ages so I will update quickly

2 weekends ago I was meant to be going to dinner with my family, best friend and boyfriend. 20 minutes before we left he left me a message on Facebook saying he couldn’t come because his dad was ill!!!! I can’t believe him this is the second time he has done this!!

After that I went on a camp with cadets and there was another hanger dance. I convinced my friend to come and she did. We were dancing (lindi-hop of course!) She then got asked to dance so my and my friend Jaz waltzed over to her and then I got asked to dance!!!! I couldn’t believe it I never get asked!! The ‘popular pretty’ girls were getting angry because we got to dance. I gave him my number and when i left he kissed my hand!!!!!! *died of adorableness!* Then the next day he kept coming to see me and Jaz and brought us donuts, jam and Russian spaghetti! (he was helping out with acting and he was dressed as a Russian) He was really sweet. Some of the girls inquired about my boyfriend questioning my flirting to which i replied with the story of him bailing and they all went ‘flirt away girl flirt away!!!! It was great.

Currently I have my German exchange over, she is really lovely and incredibly pretty plus her English is amazing!!! I’ll try post more regularly but it is quite difficult as I have a lot of homework so 1. I don’t have time and 2. the only thing I could blog about is homework which is so great! (Hand of sarcasm) 

Over and out

Shadowedteen Xxx

My Birthday

It my BIRTHDAY YAY!!!! Turning 15!! My friends have already got me some awesome stuff like a hat and this picture frame that looks like an old style tv.

Sorry I haven’t been replying to anyone’s comments or liking posts at the mo just tooooo much homework and cadety things 😉

Over and out people

Shadowedteen Xxx

My English homework

For our English homework we have to find a movie still that inspires us and this is mine:

But I can’t illustrate my point enough without this following picture:Image

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